UPSers Benefits – Employee, Economic, Indirect, Social & Environment

UPS (United Parcel Service) is a logistics and package delivery company, which provides supply chain management services. UPSers logistics services include transportation, distribution, contract logistics, ground freight, ocean freight, customs brokerage, insurance, and financing.UPS was founded by James E.casey and Claude Ryan on August 28, 1907, and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Why UPS and Types of UPSers Benefits:

As a growing, dynamic fortune 50 organization, UPS has the kind of opportunities that will help you go as far as your ambition will take you .so if you’re looking to start on a rewarding future, it will get you moving in the right direction.

upsers benefits-employee,economic and environment
upsers benefits-employee, economic and environment

here at UPSers, from our early roots as a Seattle, Washington bike-messenger company to present day, multi-billion-dollar global corporation, ups team has held a singular focus-empowering commerce around the world.

  • Employee Benefits

  1. UPS keep employees safe, with a comprehensive program combining training, technology, recognition, and continues communication aimed at minimizing unsafe situations and behavior.
  2. it develops employees as workers and individuals, with training for both current tasks and future career development.
  3. UPS uses metrics and key performance indicators(KPI) throughout the workplace, where they can give management a clearer view of trends and helps to spot opportunities to execute the management approach previously outlined.
  4. Organizational responsibility for executing our human resource policies and management approach.
  5. training and awareness make employees maintain healthy lifestyles with abroad range of programs and benefits to promote whole-person health and wellness.

    FedEx vs UPS
    FedEx vs UPS
  • Economic Benefit


UPSers is one of the world’s largest private employers company.its global workforce of 397,123 people includes 76,885 people located outside of united states.the expense for full-time and part-time employees was US$33.1 billion in wages and benefits.


In 2012, UPS distributed US$2.1 billion in dividends to UPS shareholders. they keep the balance sheet strong and use conservative financial projections in planning.

recent growth in shares by UPS
Recent growth in shares by UPS


The taxes that UPS pay to local and national governments around the world help fund schools, community infrastructure, and services.UPS paid US$3.9 billion in taxes worldwide.

The UPS Foundation:

Financial support for the UPS Foundation.a philanthropic arm comes entirely from the profits we earn in our contributed US$97.5 million to the foundation, which substantially directs all the funding it receives fragrant recipients within the following year.

  • Indirect Benefits:

Supplier Diversity:

UPSers has had a formal supplier diversity process in place since 1992.As part of that process, diverse suppliers have designated procurement professionals in corporate, regional, and local offices to help them understand our requirements and qualify to meet them.

For more information regarding UPSers benefits – you can login to UPSers and follow. UPSers login tutorial provided here.

Supplier Sustainability:

UPS requests for proposals from tier 1 suppliers include requests for information about their sustainability policies, practices, and performance.

Support for Entrepreneurs :

UPS 70,900 points of retail presence around the world provide small and diverse businesses with local, one-stop access to UPS global network, including the products, services, and tools they need for shipping locally and also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to own a franchise of the UPS store,which has more than 4,700 locations around the world.

  • Social Benefits :
  1. UPS is committed to making healthcare more efficient with global supply chain innovations.
  2. with 36 dedicated facilities and healthcare teams worldwide, UPS can meet complex logistical needs.

    UPS healthcare centers
    UPS healthcare centers
  3. customers include pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers as well as distributors and service providers.
  • Environmental Benefits:

    planting trees to protect the environment by UPS team
    planting trees to protect the environment by UPS team
  1. UPS committed to plating 1million tress in contributed US$1.6 million to plant trees and protect extant forests as a way to counteract carbon emissions from UPS operations.
  2. the initiation emphasizes boreal forest which contains the worlds largest natural “carbon reservoirs”(other than the oceans).
  3. It also introduced UPS carbon neutral shipping to protect the environment.